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I am Johnson Augustine Sr.Software Engineer and System Architect. I have 10 Yrs of hands on expertise in MVC 5 , Angular 5 , C# MVC Razor, WPF MVVM , Android , IOS Swift 3 , IOS11 MSSQL,MySQL Database,,PHP,C/C++/Visual C++/G++/QT++,Com,DirectX,Open CV,EMGU CV , embedded System Development , [Raspberry PI]. ,html,Javascript,Jquery,Ajax.CSS , Networking ,Cyber security, Ethical Hacking You can see my professional profile at Email :



The basic idea of the cloud is always the same. It is a form of technology that allows enterprises, and small business alike,  to run applications that are housed away from the enterprises itself. In spite of this shared basic definition, however, there are several different types of cloud computing.

Web Based Cloud Computing. With this type of cloud computing, companies can use the functionality offered by a web service, and they do not have to develop a full application for their needs.

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