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Sunday, 5 November 2017

Visual studio 2017 and c#7

In C# 7, a lot of new features have been introduced, and also enhancement have been done for some features. I will be covering all those things in context of Visual Studio 2017 RC. Given below is the list of features

Local functions or nested functions
Binary Literal
Digit Separators
Pattern matching
ref returns and ref Locals
Tuples (Tuples Enhancement)
Throw Expressions
Expression Bodied Members (some more expression bodied members in C# 7)
Expression bodied Methods (C# 6.0)
Expression bodied Properties (C# 6.0)
Expression bodied constructor (C# 7.0)
Expression bodied destructor (C# 7.0)
Expression bodied getters (C# 7.0)
Expression bodied setters (C# 7.0)
Out variables (enhancement for out variables)
In the above list, I have mentioned only 10 new features of C# 7 but there are some more features like Generalized async (Generalized async return), Replace (Partial Class Enhancements) Records (or Record Types) Non-Nullable Reference Types, Immutable Types etc.
Some of the features are not yet supported in Visual Studio 2017 RC and are still under development. Even C# 7 has not been developed completely and still it is in preview mode. You can ignore some of the features of C# 7 right now and focus on the features which can be tested in Visual Studio 2017 RC.

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