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Thursday, 15 August 2013

What is KD SOAP

As part of our commitment to cross-platform solutions, KDAB offers developers KD SOAP, a web service access package for Qt applications. KD SOAP is a tool for creating client applications for web services and also provides the means to create web services without the need for any further component such as a dedicated web server.

It makes it possible to interact with applications which have APIs that can be exported as SOAP objects. The web service then provides a machine-accessible interface to its functionality via HTTP.


The KD SOAP library provides an abstraction layer for both the actual transport, as well as, the construction of data objects and method calls. (The latter relieves application developers from manually writing XML marshalling and demarshalling code, allowing them to build arbitrary complex data structures using simple C++ classes.)
The transport abstraction provides both synchronous as well as Qt signal/slot based asynchronous remote method call and response handling.
The server module supports both single-threaded as well as thread pool based network handling and method call execution.
Along side the library, KD SOAP ships with the kdwsdl2cpp code generator, providing additional means for increasing developer productivity by generating client-side proxy API or server-side object interfaces based on formal WSDL service description. Using classes generated by this approach adds build-time type checking and “in process”-like object behavior (i.e. using C++ data types as parameters and return values of each of the web service’s methods).


KD SOAP is available under a LGPL license and can be downloaded from:

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