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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Powerful electronics embedded board : Raspberry PI tutorial

Today world, small things make big changes to the entire world and change an era.  Now a day’s most of the new inventions are came from teen age peoples and youth. They are always thinking for a change especially in Information technology and Electronics. Things are changing from big to small and small to very small and to invisible but we can feel the presence, technologies are expanded in this ways. No need to sit in a place everything can be controlled when we are moving. I saw a software called KTS Info mate, and in that we can control more than 100 display screens [Digital notice Board ] and set different contents while we are moving .This is a great technology and may be a new invention for the world .
                If we talking about embedded boards and tiny computer devices, there are lot of experiments are going on .and lot of new boards and tiny computer systems are available now in market with great operational facilities and functions. And the great advantages of these are, it has only less cost .

Here I like to introduce a new board called as “RASPBERRY PI “in to your front. And  I am making things with this .

Powerful electronics embedded board : Raspberry PI tutorial and beginners guide
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How to connect raspberry pi camera , How to setup raspberry pi , how to order raspberry pi , how to assembly raspberry pi , 

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