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Saturday, 19 January 2013

C Development

Write a program that accepts a rupee amount(less than one thousand) and computes the number of HUNDRED, FIFTY, TWENTY, TEN, FIVE, TWO  and ONE rupee currencies needed for that amount. Your solution must use the *fewest* number of currencies that are possible for the given rupee amount.
[You may assume that the input is an integer amount greater than 0.]

Eg. Input : 346

Output : HUNDRED-3, TWENTY-2, FIVE-1, ONE-1

Code : by Johnson

void main()
  int c,c1,changes[7],a[7]={100,50,20,10,5,2,1},i=0;
 printf("Enter amount ");

   printf("Currencies of a[j]= %d \n" changes[j]);

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