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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

CSS 3 a global look

The evolution of CSS (cascading style sheet ) is such as CSS 1.0(Year 1996)  , CSS 2.0(Released in 1998),CSS 2.1 (Rele 2004 )  and Now CSS3 , and it is in very much in development .There are lot of elements available in CSS3 to give better look and feel . It has new type of colors , graphics ,and can change the page layout for different devices such as a PC or a mobile device .and it has the ability to handle heavier elements.

W3 gives the complete specifications of CSS3 . CSS 3 has been divided in to modules for different task , like selectors, background colors etc

CSS3 is an expanded version of CSS2.1 Revised version . and it is compactable with most of the devices .

For more about CSS3 read documentation of w3 .

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